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A Listing of Australian Skinks
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PINK-TONGUE SKINK C yclodomorphus Tiliqua  Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi head

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Bold-striped Cool-skink Acritoscincus (was Bassiana) duperreyi NSW,ACT,SA,Tas,Vic
Red-throated Cool-skink Acritoscincus  (was Bassiana) platynotum NSW,Qld,Vic
South-western Cool-skink or Western three-lined Skink Acritoscincus trilineatus (was Bassiana trilineata) SA(?),WA
Highlands Forest-skink Anepischetosia (was Nannoscincus) maccoyi NSW,Vic, SA
Short-necked Worm-skink Anomalopus brevicollis Qld
Common Worm-skink Anomalopus lentiginosus (status unknown) NSW,Qld
Speckled Worm -kink Anomalopus gowi Qld
Two-clawed Worm-skink Anomalopus leuckartii NSW,Qld
Five-clawed Worm-skink Anomalopus mackayi NSW,Qld
Cape York Worm-skink Anomalopus pluto Qld
Punctate Worm-skink Anomalopus swansoni NSW
Three-Clawed Worm-skink Anomalopus verreauxi NSW,Qld
Major Skink Bellatorias (was Egernia) frerei NSW, Qld
Land Mullet Bellatorias (was Egernia) major NSW, Qld
Arnhem Land Skink Bellatorias obiri (was Egernia arnhemensis) NT,
Cone Eared Calyptotis Calyptotis lepidorostrum Qld
Red-Tailed Calyptotis Skink Calyptotis ruficauda NSW
Scute-snouted Calyptotis Skink Calyptotis scutirostrum NSW,Qld
Broad-templed Calyptotis Skink Calyptotis temporalis Qld
Thornton Peak Calyptotis Skink Calyptotis thorntonensis Qld
Bauxite or Two-spined Rainbow-skink Carlia amax NT,Qld,WA
Rainbow-skink Carlia bicarinata (Status in Australia uncertain) see C. storri Qld? (Cape York Peninsula? and also New Guinea)
Tree-base Litter-skink or Iridescent Litter-skink Carlia burnetti - has been renamed Lygisaurus foliorum NSW,Qld
Sandy Rainbow-skink Carlia decora (previously C. pectoralis) Qld
Elegant Rainbow-skink Carlia dogare Qld
Slender Rainbow-skink Carlia gracilis NT,WA
Lined Rainbow-skink Carlia jarnoldae Qld
Whitsunday Rainbow-skink Carlia inconnexa (Previously C.pectoralis inconnexa) Qld (offshore islands only)
Rough Brown Rainbow-skink Carlia johnstonei WA
Closed-litter Rainbow-skink Carlia longipes NT,Qld
Shaded-Litter Rainbow-skink Carlia munda NT,Qld,WA
Open-litter Rainbow-skink Carlia pectoralis NSW,Qld
Five Keeled or Long-named Rainbow-skink Carlia quinquecarinata Qld Darnley Island (Erub Island)in the Torres Strait (New Guinea?)
Blue-throated Rainbow-skink Carlia rhomboidalis Qld
Black-throated Rainbow-skink Carlia rostralis Qld
Crevice Rainbow-skink Carlia rimula Qld
Orange Flanked Rainbow-skink Carlia rubigo (previously C. pectoralis Qld
Red Throated Rainbow-skink Carlia rubrigularis Qld
Red-sided Rainbow-skink Carlia rufilatus NT,WA
Robust Rainbow-skink Carlia schmeltzii NSW,Qld
Six-toothed Rainbow-skink Carlia sexdentata NT,Qld
Brown Bicarinate Rainbow-skink Carlia storri (Split from C. bicarinata) Qld
Southern Rainbow-skink Carlia tetradactyla NSW,Qld,Vic,ACT
Desert Rainbow-skink Carlia triacantha NT,SA,WA (Qld?)
Tussock (or Lively) Rainbow-skink Carlia vivax NSW,Qld
Limbless Snake-toothed Skink Coeranoscincus frontalis Qld
Three-toed Snake-toothed Skink Coeranoscincus reticulatus NSW,Qld
Satinay Sand Skink Coggeria naufragus Qld
Adams' Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus adamsi (was C. virgatus) North-eastern Qld
Inland snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus australis NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
*Buchanan's Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus buchananii WA
Spiny-Palmed Shinning(Snake-eyed) Skink Cryptoblepharus carnabyi (now Cryptoblepharus australis) NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Swanson's Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus cygnatus Far-northern NT
Dappled Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus daedalos Northern NT
Blue-tailed Shinning (Snake-eyed) Skink Cryptoblepharus egeriae CI
Noble Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus exochus NT, WA (Northern border area)
Black-boulder (or Fuhn'sShinning (Snake-eyed) Skink Cryptoblepharus fuhni Qld (Cape Melville)
Arafura Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus gurrmul (was C. litoralis). NT (Oxley, New Year and North Goulburn Islands)
Juno's Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus juno North-western NT, Far-northern WA
Supralittoral (or Coastal) Shinning (Snake-eyed) Skink Cryptoblepharus litoralis Far-northern NT, Coastal Qld
Blotched Shinning Snake-eyed) Skink Cryptoblepharus megastictus Far-northern WA, (NT?)
Mertens' Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus mertensi North-eastern NT
Metallic Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus metallicus NT,Qld,WA
Pale Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus ochrus SA (NT?,Qld?)
Ragged Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus pannosus SA, NT, NSW, QLD, Vic
Callose-palmed (or Peron's) Shinning (Snake-eyed) Skink Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus WA
Elegant Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus pulcher NSW, Qld, SA,WA
Tawny Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus ruber NT, WA
Pygmy Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus tytthoss NT
Russet Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus ustulatus WA
Cream-striped Shinning (Snake-eyed) Skink or Wall Skink Cryptoblepharus virgatus Qld
Spangled Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus wulbu NT
Agile Snake-eyed Skink Cryptoblepharus zoticus NT, Qld
Field Ctenotus Ctenotus agrestis Qld
Lively Ctenotus Ctenotus alacer NT,Qld, WA, SA?
Ajana Ctenotus Ctenotus alleni WA
Brown-blazed Wedgesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus allotropis NSW,Qld
Airlie Island Ctenotus Ctenotus angusticeps WA (Airlie Island)
 Massive-gibber Ctenotus Ctenotus aphrodite (same as Ctenotus septenarius) NT, SA, QLD, WA
Arcane Ctenotus Ctenotus arcanus NSW,Qld
Ariadna's Ctenotus Ctenotus ariadnae WA,SA,Qld,NT
Jabiluka Ctenotus Ctenotus arnhemensis NT
Stony Downs Ctenotus Ctenotus astarte Qld
Southern Mallee Ctenotus Ctenotus atlas NSW,SA,WA,Vic
Western Limestone Ctenotus Ctenotus australis WA
White-faced Ctenotus Ctenotus borealis (name obsolete - see Ctenotus robustus) NT
Short-clawed Ctenotus Ctenotus brachyonyx (name obsolete - see Ctenotus inornatus)  
Short-footed Ctenotus Ctenotus brevipes Qld
*Wedge-snout Ctenotus Ctenotus brooksi NT,Qld,SA,WA,Vic,NSW
Plain-backed Kimberley Ctenotus Ctenotus burbidgei WA
Blue-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus calurus WA
Capricorn Ctenotus Ctenotus capricorni Qld
Chain-striped South-west Ctenotus Ctenotus catenifer WA
Brown-backed Ctenotus Ctenotus coggeri NT
Buff-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus colletti NT,WA
Ten-lined Ctenotus Ctenotus decaneurus NT,WA,Qld
Darling Range South-west (or Darling Range Heath) Ctenotus Ctenotus delli WA
Pilbara Ctenotus Ctenotus duricola WA
Fine Side-lined Ctenotus Ctenotus dux NT,SA,WA,Qld
Brown-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus ehmanni WA
Lowlands Plain-backed (or Essingtons) Ctenotus Ctenotus essingtonii NT
*Eucla Ctenotus Ctenotus euclae (was C. brooksi euclae) SA,WA
Brown-backed Yellow-lined Ctenotus Ctenotus eurydice NSW?,Qld
Black-backed Yellow-lined Ctenotus Ctenotus eutaenius Qld
West-coast Laterite Ctenotus Ctenotus fallens (name obsolete - see Ctenotus inornatus)  
Magela Ctenotus Ctenotus gagudju NT
Jewelled South-west Ctenotus Ctenotus gemmula WA
Grand Ctenotus Ctenotus grandis NT,SA,WA
Spotted-necked Ctenotus Ctenotus greeri NT,WA,SA
Chained Ctenotus Ctenotus halysis WA
Nimble Ctenotus Ctenotus hanloni NT,SA,WA
Stout Ctenotus Ctenotus hebetior NT,Qld
Nimble ctenotus Ctenotus hanloni NT,SA,Qld
*Clay-soil Ctenotus Ctenotus helenae (name obsolete - see Ctenotus inornatus)  
Top-end Lowlands Ctenotus Ctenotus hilli NT
North West Cape Ctenotus  Ctenotus iapetus WA
(South Western) Odd-striped Ctenotus Ctenotus impar WA
Unspotted Yellow-sided Ctenotus Ctenotus ingrami NSW,Qld
*Bar-shouldered Ctenotus Ctenotus inornatus (includes skinks previously called Ctenotus saxatilis) NT,Qld,WA,SA,Vic.
Black-soil Ctenotus Ctenotus joanae NT,Qld,SA
Kurnbudj Ctenotus Ctenotus kurnbudj NT
Common South-west Ctenotus Ctenotus labillardieri WA
Lancelin South-west Ctenotus Ctenotus lancelini WA (Lancelin Island),
Gravelly-soil Ctenotus Ctenotus lateralis Qld, NT?
Orange-tailed Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus leae NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Leonhardi's Ctenotus Ctenotus leonhardii NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Maryan's Ctenotus Ctenotus maryani WA
Whiptail Ctenotus Ctenotus mastigura WA
Median-striped Ctenotus Ctenotus mesotes WA
Soldier Ctenotus Ctenotus militaris NT,WA
Checker-sided Ctenotus Ctenotus mimetes WA
Atherton Ctenotus Ctenotus monticola Qld
Nasute Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus nasutus NT,WA,SA?
Pin-striped Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus nigrilineatus WA
Nullum Ctenotus Ctenotus nullum Qld
Spotted Ctenotus Skink Ctenotus olympicus Qld, NSW, SA, WA?
Coastal Plains Skink Ctenotus ora WA
Eastern Ctenotus Ctenotus orientalis (Was C. uber orientals) Vic, Qld, NSW, SA, WA, ACT
North-western Wedgesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus pallescens NT, WA?
Leopard Ctenotus Ctenotus pantherinus NSW(?), NT, Qld, SA, WA
Coarse Sands Ctenotus Ctenotus piankai NT,SA,WAQld?
Red-sided Ctenotus Ctenotus pulchellus NT,Qld
Fourteen Lined Ctenotus Ctenotus quattuordecimlineatus NT,SA,WA
Quinkan Ctenotus Ctenotus quinkan Qld
Spear-like Ctenotus Ctenotus quirinus NT
Cape Heath Ctenotus Ctenotus rawlinsoni Qld
Pale-rumped (or Royal) Ctenotus Ctenotus regius NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic
Crack-dwelling Ctenotus Ctenotus rimacola NT, WA
*Robust Striped (Ctenotus)Skink
(Status uncertain)
Ctenotus robustus (see Ctenotus spaldingi)
( includes skinks previously known as Ctenotus borealis)
NSW, ACT, , NT, Qld, SA,Vic, WA
Ruddy Ctenotus Ctenotus rubicundus WA
Red-earth Ctenotus Ctenotus rosarium Qld
Rufous Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus rufescens WA
Rusty-shouldered Ctenotus Ctenotus rutilans WA
*Stony-soil (or Rock) Ctenotus Ctenotus saxatilis - (name obsolete - see Ctenotus inornatus)  
Black-soil Rises Ctenotus Ctenotus schevilli Qld
Barred Wedge-snout Ctenotus Ctenotus schomburgkii NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Massive-gibber Ctenotus Ctenotus septenarius NT, SA, QLD, WA
Gravel-downs Ctenotus Ctenotus serotinus Qld
North-western Sandy-loam Ctenotus Ctenotus serventyi WA
*Stern Ctenotus Ctenotus severus (name obsolete - see Ctenotus inornatus)  
*Spaldings or Straight-browed Ctenotus
(Status uncertain)
Ctenotus spaldingi (see Ctenotus robustus) NT,Qld, WA? New Guinea?
Buff-striped Ctenotus Ctenotus storri NT,
Eastern Barred Wedge-snout Ctenotus Ctenotus strauchii NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Stripe-headed Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus striaticeps NT,Qld
Stuart's Ctenotus Ctenotus stuarti NT
Sharp-browed Ctenotus Ctenotus superciliaris WA (Pilbara, Kimberley), North-western NT
*Eyrean Ctenotus Ctenotus taeniatus (was Ctenotus brooksi taeniatus) NSW,Qld,Vic,SA,NT
Copper-Tailed Skink Ctenotus taeniolatus NSW,Qld,Vic,ACT
Tanami Ctenotus Ctenotus tanamiensis NT,WA
Kimberly Wedge-snout Ctenotus Ctenotus tantillus NT,WA
Hinchinbrook Ctenotus Ctenotus terrareginae Qld
Spotted Ctenotus Ctenotus uber WA
Median-striped (or Uneven Striped) Ctenotus Ctenotus vagus WA
Scant-striped Ctenotus Ctenotus vertebralis NT,
Wide-striped Ctenotus Ctenotus xenopleura WA
Shark bay South-west Ctenotus Ctenotus youngsoni WA
Hamelin Pool Ctenotus Ctenotus zastictus WA
Southern Cape York Finesnout Ctenotus Ctenotus zebrilla Qld
Lord Howe Island Skink Cyclodina (was Pseudemoia and Oligosoma) lichenigera LHI,NI
Common Slender Bluetongue Cyclodomorphus branchialis WA
Tasmanian She-oak Skink *Cyclodomorphus casuarina Tas
Western Slender Bluetongue *Cyclodomorphus celatus WA
Pink-Tongued Skink Cyclodomorphus (was Hemisphaeriodon) gerrardi NSW,Qld
Giant Slender Bluetongue Cyclodomorphus maximus WA
Spinifex Slender Bluetongue *Cyclodomorphus melanops NSW, WA, SA, NT, QLD
Mainland She-oak Skink *Cyclodomorphus michaeli (was casuarina) NSW, Vic
Alpine She-oak Skink *Cyclodomorphus praealtus (was casuarina) NSW,Vic
Samphire (or Saltbush) Slender Bluetongue Cyclodomorphus venustus SA, Qld, NSW
Cunningham's Skink Egernia cunninghami NSW, ACT, Qld, SA, Vic
*Western Pilbara Pygmy Spiny-tailed Skink Egernia cygnitos (split from depressa) WA
*Pygmy Spiny-tailed Skink Egernia depressa WA
Kimberly Crevice-skink Egernia douglasi WA
*Central Pygmy Spiny-tailed Skink Egernia eos (split from depressa) NT,SA?,WA
*Eastern Pilbara Spiny-tailed Skink Egernia epsisolus (split from depressa) WA
Goldfields Crevice-skink Egernia formosa WA
Hosmer's Skink Egernia hosmeri NT,Qld
King's Skink Egernia kingii WA
Eastern Crevice Skink Egernia mcpheei NSW, Qld
South-western Crevice-skink Egernia napoleonis WA
Pilbara Crevice-skink Egernia pilbarensis WA
*Bight Crevice-skink Egernia richardi (was E. carinata) SA,WA
Yakka Skink Egernia rugosa Qld
Black Rock Skink Egernia saxatilis NSW,Vic
Stoke's (Gidgee)Skink Egernia stokesii NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Tree Skink Egernia striolata NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
*Kaputar Rock Skink Egernia sp (to be described) NSW (Mt Kaputar only)
Mangrove Skink or Littoral Whiptail Skink Emoia atrocostata CI,Qld, Torres Straight &
Pacific Islands, South East Asia
Scrub Whiptail Skink Emoia longicauda Qld , New Guinea
Christmas Island Whiptail Skink Emoia nativitatis CI
*Brown-sided Bar-lipped Skink Eremiascincus (was Glaphyromorphus) brongersmia WA
*Orange-sided Bar-lipped Skink Eremiascincus (was Glaphyromorphus) douglasi NT,
*Narrow-Banded Sand Swimmer Eremiascincus fasciolatus Qld ( Range has been reduced)
*Northern Narrow-Banded Sand Swimmer Eremiascincus intermedius (was Eremiascincus fasciolatus ) NT,WA
Northern Bar-lipped Skink Eremiascincus (was Glaphyromorphus) isolepis NT,WA,QLD
Mosaic Desert Skink Eremiascincus musivus WA
*Western Narrow-banded Skink Eremiascincus pallidus (was Eremiascincus fasciolatus) WA,NT,SA
*Lowlands Bar-lipped Skink Eremiascincus (was Glaphyromorphus) pardalis Qld
*Ghost skink Eremiascincus phantasmus Qld NSW,NT,Qld,SA
*Broad-Banded Sand Swimmer Eremiascincus richardsonii Qld, NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA,Vic.
Elf Skink Eroticoscincus (was Hemiergis) graciloides Qld
Sheen-skink Eugongylus albofasciolata Qld
Bar-lipped Sheen-skink Eugongylus rufescens Qld
Lemon-barred Forest-skink Concinnia or Eulamprus amplus Qld
Northern Bar-sided Skink Concinnia or Eulamprus brachysoma Qld,
Bartle Frere Bar-sided Skink Concinnia or Eulamprus  frerei Qld
Warm-temperate Water-skink Eulamprus heatwolei NSW,ACT,Vic, SA
Alpine Water Skink Eulamprus kosciuskoi NSW,Vic
Blue Mountains Swamp-Skink Eulamprus leuraensis NSW
Orange-speckled Forest-skink Eulamprus luteilateralis Qld
*Dark Bar-sided Skink Concinnia or Eulamprus martini NSW,Qld
*Blue-speckled Forest-skink or Murray's skink Silvascincus (or Karma or Eulamprus) murrayi (Status uncertain) NSW,Qld
Eastern (Common) Water Skink Eulamprus quoyii NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Stout Bar-sided Skink Concinnia or Eulamprus sokosoma Qld
*Bar-sided Forest-skink Concinnia or Eulamprus tenuis NSW,Qld
Yellow-blotched Forest-skink Concinnia or Eulamprus tigrinus Qld
*Tryon's Skink Silvascincus (or Karma or Eulamprus) tryoni (Status uncertain) Qld,NSW
Cool-temperate Water-skink Eulamprus tympanum NSW,SA,Vic
Mount Elliot Mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus clandestinus Qld
Rainforest Sunskink Glaphyromorphus coggeri Qld
Slender Mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus cracens Qld
Cape York Mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus crassicaudus (= crassicaudis =crassicaudum) (was Eremiascincus crassicaudus) Qld, NT, New Guinea
Northern Mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus darwiniensis NT,WA
Brown-tailed Bar-lipped Skink Glaphyromorphus fuscicaudis Qld
Atherton Tableland Mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus mjobergi Qld
*Black-tailed Bar-lipped Skink Glaphyromorphus nigricaudis NT,Qld (and New Guinea)
Dwarf Mulch-skink

Glaphyromorphus pumilus Qld
Fine-spotted Mulch-skink Glaphyromorphus punctulatus Qld
Prickly Forest Skink Concinnia or Gnypetoscincus queenslandiae Qld
Rainforest Cool-skink Harrisoniascincus (was Cautula) zia NSW,Qld
Three-toed Earless Skink Hemiergis decresiensis SA
*South-western Mulch-skink Hemiergis (was Glaphyromorphus) gracilipes WA
*Southwestern Earless Skink Hemiergis initialis SA,WA
Triodia Earless Skink Hemiergis millewae NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Perons (Lowlands) Earless Skink Hemiergis peronii SA,Vic,WA
Two-toed Earless Skink Hemiergis quadrilineata (=quadrilineatum) WA
*Eastern Three-toed Earless Skink Hemiergis talbingoensis (split from decresiensis) Vic, NSW
Diamond-shielded Sunskink Lampropholis adonis Qld
Friendly Sunskink Lampropholis amicula NSW,Qld
Montane Sunskink Lampropholis caligula NSW
Rainforest Sunskink Lampropholis coggeri Qld
Bunya Mountains Sunskink Lampropholis colossus Qld
Plain-backed Sunskink Lampropholis couperi Qld
*Grass Skink or Dark-flecked Garden Sunskink Lampropholis delicata NSW,Qld,SA,Tas,Vic
*Common Grass Skink or Garden Skink Lampropholis guichenoti NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Long Sunskink Lampropholis elongata NSW (Riamukka State Forest area)
Saxicoline Sunskink Lampropholis mirabilis Qld
Grey-bellied Sunskink Lampropholis robertsi Qld
Desert Plain Slider Lerista aericeps NSW,NT,Qld,WA
Greater Robust Fine-lined Slider or Retro Slider Lerista allanae Qld (Clermont area)
Cape Range Slider Lerista allochira WA (North West Cape)
Limbless Fine-lined Slider Lerista ameles Qld
*Friendly Slider Lerista amicorum (was muelleri) WA
Dampierland Limbless Slider Lerista apoda WA
Bight Slider Lerista arenicola SA,WA
Stripe-sided Robust Slider Lerista axillaris WA
Baynes' Slider Lerista baynesi SA,WA
Two-toed Skink (North-western Sandslider) Lerista bipes NT,SA,WA,Qld?
Inland Kimberly Slider Lerista borealis NT,WA
Bougainville's Skink (South-eastern Slider) Lerista bougainvillii NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Bungle Bungle Robust Slider Lerista bunglebungle WA
Carpenteria Fine-lined Slider Lerista carpentariae NT,
Pilbara Blue-tailed Slider Lerista chalybura Qld
Lyre-patterned Slider Lerista chordae Qld (Torrens Creek area)
Bold-striped Slider Lerista christinae WA
Vine-thicket Fine-lined Slider Lerista cinerea Qld
*Sharp-blazed Three-toed Slider Lerista clara (was muelleri) WA
Nubbined Fine-lined Slider Lerista colliveri Qld
Blinking Broad-blazed Slider Lerista connivens WA
Central Deserts Robust Slider Lerista desertorum NT,SA,WA
South-western Orange-tailed Slider Lerista distinguenda WA,SA
Southern Slider Lerista dorsalis SA,WA
Edward's Slider Lerista edwardsae ( was L. picturata edwardsae) SA
Elegant Slider Lerista elegans WA
Wide-striped Mulch Slider Lerista elongata SA
Noonbah Robust Slider Lerista emmotti Qld,SA,
Good-legged Lerista Lerista eupoda WA
Pilbara Flame-tailed Slider Lerista flammicauda WA
Eastern Mulch-slider Lerista fragilis Qld
Centralian Slider Lerista frosti NT,SA(?),WA(?),
Gascoyne Broad-blazed Slider Lerista gascoynensis WA
Bold-striped Robust Slider Lerista gerrardii WA
*Timid Slider Lerista goerlingi (see Lerista rhodonoides) WA,SA,NT,Vic,NSW,Qld
South-eastern Kimberly Sandslider Lerista greeri WA, NT?
Stout Sandslider Lerista griffini NT,WA
Gnaraloo Mulch-slider Lerista haroldi WA
Taper-tailed West-coast Slider Lerista humphriesi WA
McIvor River Slider Lerista ingrami Qld
Robust Duneslider Lerista ips NT,WA
*Jackson's Lerista Lerista jacksoni (was muelleri) WA
Kalumburu Kimberly Slider Lerista kalumburu WA
Lesser Robust Fine-lined Slider Lerista karlschmidti NT,Qld?
Dark Broad-blazed Slider Lerista kendricki WA
Kennedy Range Broad-blazed Slider Lerista kennedyensis WA
*King's Lerista Lerista kingi (was muelleri) WA
Southern Sandslider Lerista labialis NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Perth Slider Lerista lineata WA
Dotted-line Robust Slider Lerista lineopunctulata WA
Unpatterned Robust Slider Lerista macropisthopus WA
*Micro Slider Lerista micra (was muelleri) WA
South-western Slider Lerista microtis SA,WA
Wood Mulch-slider Lerista muelleri (split into multiple species) WA
Pilbara Robust Slider Lerista neander WA
*Nevin's Lerista Lerista nevinae (was muelleri) WA (Cape Lambert)
Inland Broad-blazed Slider Lerista nichollsi WA
*Hidden Slider Lerista occulta (was muelleri) WA
Onslow Broad-blazed Slider Lerista onsloviana WA
North-eastern Orange-tailed Slider Lerista orientalis NT,Qld,WA
Pale Broad-blazed slider Lerista petersoni (was L. talpina) WA
Southern Robust Slider Lerista picturata WA
Keeled Slider Lerista planiventralis WA
Yampi Sandslider Lerista praefrontalis WA
Blunt-tailed West-coast Slider Lerista praepedita WA
Eastern Robust Slider Lerista punctatovitta SA,NSW,Vic,Qld
Dotty-tailed Robust Slider Lerista puncticauda WA
Four-Chained Slider Lerista quadrivincula (was L. concolor) WA
Broad-eyed Slider Lerista robusta WA
Rochford Slider Lerista rochfordensis Qld
*Rolfe's Slider Lerista rolfei (was muelleri) WA
Dampierland Plain Slider Lerista separanda WA
Fitzroy Sandslider Lerista simillima WA
Pale-striped Mulch Slider Lerista speciosa SA
Chillagoe Fine-lined Slider Lerista storri Qld
Spotted Broad-blazed Slider Lerista stictopleura WA
Arnhem Coast Fine-lined Slider Lerista stylis NT,Qld
Ribbon Slider Lerista taeniata NT,WA
Pale Broad Blazed Slider Lerista talpina (now L. petersoni) WA
Robust Mulch-slider Lerista terdigitata SA,WA
*Timid Slider Lerista timida (was muelleri) (= L. goerlingi) (=L.rhodonoides) WA,SA,NT,NSW,Qld,Vic?
Dark-backed Mulch Slider Lerista tridactyla WA
Slender Broad-blazed Slider Lerista uniduo (was maculosa) WA
Shark Bay Broad-blazed Slider Lerista varia WA
*Powerful Lerista Lerista verhmens (was muelleri) WA (Western Pilbara)
Slender Duneslider Lerista vermicularis WA
Ravensthorpe Range Slider Lerista viduata WA
Side-striped Fine-lined Slider Lerista vittata Qld
Coastal Kimberly Slider Lerista walkeri WA
Two-toed Fine-lined Slider Lerista wilkinsi Qld
Yellow-tailed Plain Slider Lerista xanthura NSW,NT,SA,WA
Yuna broad-blazed Slider Lerista yuna WA
* Pilbara Blue-tailed Slider Lerista zeitzi WA
North-eastern Orange-tailed Slider Lerista zonulata Qld
Coen Rock (or Rainbow) Skink Liburnascincus (was Carlia) coensis (North-eastern Cape York) Qld
*Bamboo Range Rock Skink Liburnascincus artemis (North-eastern Cape York) Qld
*Outcrop Rainbow-Skink Liburnascincus (was Carlia) mundivensis (Eastern )Qld
*Black Mountain Rainbow-Skink Liburnascincus (was Carlia scirtetis) (near Cooktown) Qld
*Snowy Mountains Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) guthega NSW
*Great Desert Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) kintorei NT, SA,WA
Desert Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) inornata NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Vic, WA
Centralian Ranges/Flinders Ranges Rock-skink Liopholis (was Egernia) margaretae NT, SA
Eastern Ranges Rock-skink Liopholis (was Egernia) modesta NSW, Qld
Mountain Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) montana NSW, Vic, ACT
Bull Skink or Southern sand-Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) multiscutata SA, Vic, WA
South-western Rock-Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) pulchra WA
Centralian Floodplains Desert-skink Liopholis (was Egernia) slateri NT,Qld(?),SA
Nocturnal Desert-skink Liopholis (was Egernia) striata NT,SA,WA
White's Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) w. whitii NSW,Qld,SA?,Tas,Vic
White's Skink Liopholis (was Egernia) w. tenobrosa SA ?
Western Mourning Skink Lissolepis (was Egernia) luctuosa WA
*Eastern Mourning Skink Lissolepis (was Egernia) coventryi SA,Vic,NSW(?)
Large-disced Litter-skink Lygisaurus aeratus Qld
Tree-base Litter-skink Lygisaurus foliorum (was Carlia burnetti) NSW,Qld
Rainforest Edge Litter-skink Lygisaurus laevis Qld
Translucent Litter-skink Lygisaurus macfarlani Qld
Fire-tailed Rainbow-skink Lygisaurus (was Carlia) parrhasius Qld
Chillagoe Litter-skink Lygisaurus rococo Qld
Eastern Cape Litter-skink Lygisaurus sesbrauna Qld
Endeavour River Litter-skink Lygisaurus tanneri Qld
Dwarf Litter-skink Lygisaurus timlowi Qld
Sun-loving Litter-skink Lygisaurus zuma Qld
Christmas Island Grass-skink Lygosoma bowringii CI
Top End Dwarf Skink Menetia alanae NT
Shark Bay Dwarf Skink Menetia amaura WA
Jabiluka Dwarf Skink Menetia concinna NT
Common Dwarf Skink Menetia greyii NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Northern Dwarf Skink Menetia maini NT,Qld,WA
Western Dwarf Skink Menetia surda WA
Saltbush Morethia Skink Morethia adelaidensis NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
South-eastern Morethia Skink Morethia boulengeri NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Woodland Morethia Skink Morethia butleri SA,WA
West-Coast Morethia Skink Morethia lineoocellata WA
Shrubland Morethia Skink Morethia obscura NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Lined Firetail Skink Morethia ruficauda NT,SA,WA
Top End Firetail Skink Morethia storri NT,WA
North-eastern Fire-Tailed Skink Morethia taeniopleura NSW(?),Qld
Nangur Spiny Skink Nangura spinosa Qld
Southern Forest Cool-skink Niveoscincus coventryi NSW,Vic
Alpine Cool-skink Niveoscincus greeni Tas,
Metallic Cool-skink Niveoscincus metallicum Tas,Vic
Southern Snow Skink Niveoscincus microlepidotus Tas
Ocellated Skink Niveoscincus ocellatus Tas
Heath Cool-skink Niveoscincus orocryptus Tas
Red-Throated Skink Niveoscincus palfreymani Tas(Pedra Branca Rock)
Tasmanian Tree Skink Niveoscincus pretiosus Tas
Lined Soil-crevice Skink Notoscincus butleri WA
Ornate Soil-crevice Skink Notoscincus ornatus NT,Qld,SA,WA
Cooloola Snake-skink Ophioscincus coolooensis Qld
Yolk-bellied Snake Skink Ophioscincus ophioscincus Qld
Short-limbed Snake-skink Ophioscincus truncatus NSW,Qld
Red-tailed Soil-crevice Skink Proablepharus kinghorni NSW,NT,Qld
Western Soil-crevice Skink Proablepharus reginae NT,SA,WA
Northern Soil-crevice Skink Proablepharus tenuis NT,Qld,WA
Bight Coast Skink Pseudemoia baudini WA
Southern Grass Skink Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Glossy Grass Skink Pseudemoia rawlinsoni NSW,NT(?),Vic
Trunk-climbing Cool-skink Pseudemoia spenceri NSW,Vic
*Fine-browed Dwarf Skink Pygmaeascincus (was Menetia) koshlandae Eastern Cape York Qld
*Magnetic Island Dwarf Skink Pygmaeascincus (was Menetia) sadlieri Magnetic Island,- Qld
*Dwarf Litter-skink Pygmaeascincus (was Menetia) timlowi Eastern Qld (South of Cairns)
Yellow-bellied Three-toed Skink Saiphos equalis NSW,Qld
Orange-tailed Shadeskink Saproscincus challengeri NSW,Qld
Wedge-snouted Shadeskink Saproscincus czechurai Qld
Weasel Skink Saproscincus mustelinus NSW,Vic
*Rose's Shadeskink Saproscincus rosei NSW,Qld
*Cape Melville Shadeskink Saproscincus saltus Qld
Gully Shade Skink Saproscincus spectabilis Qld, NSW
Four-fingered Shade skink Saproscincus tetradactyla Qld
Bartle Frere Cool-skink Techmarscincus (was Bartleia) jigurru Qld
Pygmy (Adelaide) Bluetongue Tiliqua adelaidensis SA
Centralian Blue-Tongued Lizard Tiliqua multifasciata NT,Qld,SA,WA
Blotched Blue-Tongued Lizard Tiliqua nigrolutea NSW,SA,Tas,Vic
Western Blue-Tongued Lizard Tiliqua occipitalis NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Shingle-Back Tiliqua rugosa NSW,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Blue-Tongued Lizard (Common & Northern) Tiliqua scincoides NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA

Click on the abbreviation below to see a map of the area

CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
Qld = Queensland
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria


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Click on the abbreviation below to see a map of the area

CI = Christmas Island
CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
NT = Northern Territory
Qld = Queensland
SA = South Australia
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria
WA = Western Australia

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