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A Listing of Australian Geckos
Distribution Key

family: Gekkonidae (Geckos)

Banded Knob-tail Gecko - Nephrurus wheeleri

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Scientific Name (External Link)
Common Name (Internal Link)
Carphodactylus laevis Chameleon Gecko Qld
Christinus alexanderi
Alexander's Gecko SA,WA (Nullabor Plain)
Christinus guentheri Lord Howe Island Gecko Lord Howe Island (NSW), Norfolk Island (Territory)
Christinus marmoratus Marbled Gecko NSW,SA,Vic,WA
Crenadactylus ocellatus Clawless Gecko NT,Qld,SA,WA
Cyrtodactylus pronarus -(Split from tuberculatus) *McIlwraith Ring-Tailed Gecko Qld
Cyrtodactylus adorus - (Split from tuberculatus) *Pascoe River Ring-Tailed Gecko Qld
Cyrtodactylus sadleiri Christmas Island (or Giant) Gecko CI
Cyrtodactylus tuberculatus (previously louisiadensis) *Coastal Ring-Tailed (Giant Banded) Gecko Qld
Cyrtodactylus abrae (Split from tuberculatus) *Rainforest Banded Gecko Qld
Cyrtodactylus hoskini (Split from tuberculatus) *Hoskin's Ring-Tailed Gecko Qld
Cyrtodactylus kimberleyensis *Kimberley Bent-Toed Gecko WA
Cyrtodactylus mcdonaldi (Split from tuberculatus) *Inland Ring-Tailed Gecko Qld
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) assimilis Thorn Tailed Gecko WA
Diplodactylus alboguttatus White Spotted Ground Gecko WA
Diplodactylus byrnei Byrne's Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) ciliaris Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Diplodactylus conspicillatus Fat-tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Diplodactylus calcicolus *South Coast Gecko WA,NSW,SA,Vic?
Diplodactylus damaeus Beaded Gecko ?
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) elderi Jewelled Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Diplodactylus fulleri Lake Disappointment Ground Gecko WA
Diplodactylus furcosus *Ranges Stone Gecko SA,WA
Diplodactylus galeatus Mesa Gecko NT,SA
Diplodactylus granariensis *Western Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus granariensis rex *Giant Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus immaculatus Pale-striped Ground Gecko   NT,Qld
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) intermedius Eastern (Southern) Spiny-Tailed Gecko NSW,SA,Vic,WA,NT
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) jeanae Southern Phasmid Gecko  NT,WA
Strophurus krisalys Spinytailed Gecko (no common name).(new Species described 2005) ?
Diplodactylus kenneallyi Kenneally's Gecko WA
Diplodactylus lateroides (split from D. polyophthalmus) *Speckled Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus maini Main’s Ground Gecko WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) mcmillani Short-tailed Striped Gecko WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) michaelseni Robust Striped Gecko WA
Diplodactylus mitchelli Pilbara Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus occultus Yellow Snouted Ground Gecko NT
Diplodactylus nebulosus (split from D. polyophthalmus) *Cloudy Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus ornatus Ornate Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus polyophthalmus Spotted Stone Gecko WA
Diplodactylus pulcher Fine-faced Gecko SA,WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) rankini Exmouth Spiny-tailed Gecko WA
Diplodactylus savagei Yellow-spotted Pilbara Gecko WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) spinigerus Western (Soft) Spiny-tailed WA
Diplodactylus squarrosus Mottled Ground Gecko WA
Diplodactylus steindachneri Steindachner's Box Patterned Gecko NSW,Qld,SA(?)
Diplodactylus stenodactylus Crowned Sand-Plain Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) strophurus Western Spiny Tailed Gecko WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) taeniatus White-striped Gecko NT,Qld,WA
Diplodactylus taenicauda Golden-tailed Gecko Qld
Diplodactylus tessellatus Tesselated Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic
Diplodactylus vittatus *Eastern Stone Gecko NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Diplodactylus wiru (was vittatus) *Desert Wood Gecko SA,WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) wellingtonae Western Shield Spiny-tailed Gecko WA
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) williamsi Soft-spined or William's Gecko NSW,Qld,SA,Vic
Strophurus (was Diplodactylus) wilsoni Mount Augustus Spiny-tailed Gecko WA
Diplodactylus wombeyi Pilbara Ground Gecko WA
Gehyra australis *Northern Dtella or House Gecko NT,Qld,WA
Gehyra baliola Short-tailed Dtella Qld(Torres Strait Isl.)
Gehyra borroloola Borroloola Dtella NT
Gehyra catenata Chain-backed Dtella Qld
Gehyra dubia Dubious Dtella NSW,Qld
Gehyra fenestra ? Pilbara Spotted Gecko WA
Gehyra koira King's Dtella NT, WA
Gehyra lazelli Southern Rock Dtella SA,NSW,Vic?
Gehyra minuta Dwarf Dtella NT
Gehyra montium (recently split) *Centralian Dtella NT?,SA,WA
Gehyra moritzi (recently described) *Centralian Dtella NT,SA,WA
Gehyra multiporosa Multi-pored Dtella WA
Gehyra mutilata Skin-shedding Dtella CI,CKI
Gehyra nana (recently split) *Northern Rock Dtella NT,Qld,SA,WA
Gehyra occidentalis Kimberley Plateau Dtella WA
Gehyra pamela Arnhem Land Spotted Dtella NT
Gehyra pilbara Pilbara Dtella NT,WA
Gehyra pulingka Centralian Dtella SA,NT,WA
Gehyra punctata Spotted Dtella WA
Gehyra purpurascens Purplish Dtella NT,Qld,SA,WA
Gehyra robusta Robust Dtella Qld
Gehyra spheniscus Small Wedge-toed Dtella WA
Gehyra variegata (now split into multiple species) *Tree Dtella SA,WA
Gehyra versicolor (was Gehyra variegata) *Eastern Tree Dtella NSW,NT?,Qld,SA,Vic.
Gehyra xenopus Crocodile-faced Dtella WA
Hemidactylus frenatus Asian House Gecko (Introduced) CI,CKI,NT,Qld,WA
Heteronotia binoei Bynoes or Prickly Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Heteronotia planiceps North Western Bynoes gecko WA
Heteronotia spelea Desert Cave Gecko NT,WA
Lepidodactylus listeri Christmas Island Chained Gecko CI
Lepidodactylus lugubris Mourning Gecko CKI,Qld
Lepidodactylus pumilus Slender Chained Gecko Qld(Torres Strait Isl)
Lucasium bungabinna *Southern Sandplain Gecko WA,SA
Lucasium damaeum Beaded Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Nactus pelagicus Pelagic Gecko Qld
Nactus galgajuga Black Mountain Gecko Qld
Nephrurus amyae Centralian Spiny Knob-tailed Gecko NT,Qld,WA
Nephrurus asper Spiny (Prickly) Knob-tailed Gecko NT,Qld,WA
Nephrurus deleani Pernatty Knob-Tailed Gecko SA
Nephrurus laevissimus Smooth or Pale Knob-Tailed Gecko NT,SA,WA
Nephrurus levis Common Knob-Tailed Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Underwoodisaurus (reverted back from Nephrurus) mili Thick-Tailed Barking Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic,WA
Underwoodisaurus seorsus *Pilbara Barking Gecko WA
Nephrurus sheai Kimberly Rough Knob-tailed Gecko NT,Qld,WA
Nephrurus stellatus Southern (Starred) Knob-tailed Gecko SA,WA
Nephrurus vertebralis Knob-Tailed Gecko SA,WA

Nephrurus wheeleri

*Banded Knob-Tailed Gecko WA
Oedura attenboroughi Attenborough's Velvet Gecko Qld
Oedura castelnaui Northern Velvet Gecko Qld
Oedura coggeri Northern Spotted Velvet Gecko Qld
Oedura filicipoda Fringe-Toed Velvet Gecko WA
Oedura gemmata Jewelled Velvet Gecko NT
Oedura gracilis Velvet Gecko WA
Amalosia (Oedura) jacovae *Clouded Gecko Qld
Oedura jowalbinna *Quinkan Gecko Qld
Amalosia (Oedura) lesueurii *Lesueur's Velvet Gecko NSW,Qld
Oedura marmorata *Marbled Velvet Gecko NSW,NT,Qld,SA,WA
Oedura monilis Ocellated or Blotched Gecko NSW,Qld
Amalosia (Oedura) obscura *Velvet Gecko WA
Hesperoedura (Oedura) reticulata *Reticulated Velvet Gecko WA
Amalosia (Oedura) rhombifer *Zig-zag Velvet Gecko NT,Qld,WA
Nebulifera (Oedura) robusta *Robust Gecko NSW,Qld
Oedura tryoni Southern Spotted Velvet Gecko NSW,Qld
Phyllurus caudiannulatus Ringed Thin-tail Gecko Qld
Phyllurus isis Mount Jukes Broad-tailed Gecko Qld
Phyllurus nepthys Peppered-belly Broad-tailed Gecko Qld
Phyllurus ossa Mount Ossa Broad-tailed Gecko Qld
Phyllurus platurus Broad-Tailed (Southern Leaf-Tailed ) Gecko NSW
Pseudothecadactylus australis Giant Tree Gecko Qld
Pseudothecadactylus linderi Giant Cave Gecko NT,WA
Rhynchoedura angusta (split from) ornata *Border Beaked Gecko NSW,Qld,SA
Rhynchoedura eyrensis (split from) ornata *Eyre Basin Beaked Gecko NSW,Qld,SA
Rhynchoedura mentalis (split from) ornata *Brigalow Beaked Gecko Qld
Rhynchoedura ormsbyi (split from) ornata *Eastern Beaked Gecko NSW,Qld
Rhynchoedura ornata *Western Beaked Gecko NT,SA,WA
Rhynchoedura sexapora (split from) ornata *Northern Beaked Gecko NT,WA
Saltuarius cornutus Northern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW,Qld
Saltuarius eximius *Cape Melville Leaf-Tailed Gecko Qld
Saltuarius occultus Long-necked Northern Leaf-tailed Qld
Saltuarius salebrosus *Rough-throated Leaf-tail Gecko Qld
Saltuarius kateae (was swaini) *Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW
Saltuarius moritzi (was swaini) *Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW
Saltuarius swaini *Southern Leaf-Tailed Gecko NSW,Qld
Uvidicolus ( was Underwoodisaurus) sphyrurus Granite Belt (New England Tableland) Thick Tailed Gecko NSW,Qld

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CKI = Cocos (Keeling) Island
NSW = New South Wales
Qld = Queensland
Tas = Tasmania
Vic = Victoria


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